Avant Garde

L i f e i s a i n 't
e a s y w i t h o u t
f a s h i o n, m u s i c a n d e x p r e s s i o n.

Things that we want to remember the most,we forget.. but when it comes to forgetting someone, we remember it often.
— Avant Garde
Im turning into DARKXY side,like the gun,when im done..cuz i know the revenge is sweet.
Today got a grave news sent by the god of wind..acceptance achieved, thought?? can’t stop think about it..it’s a double dose tense for me! arrrrrr…
— Men’s Couture
we are not even in blood connection,not even close,but we are in bone connection, more compact as a brotherhood relationship.
— Men’s Couture
Love saying,you will be the anchor and i will be the arrow,and im your pathway to the never endless journey of love.
— Men’s Couture

Afgan - Cinta Dua Hati (HD)

Peeeeeexx Exam!

sweats coming out from my skins, I’m shivering, nervous..but still i just pretend to be cool..like a gentle..=)..deep inside my heart, oh..beating so fast.. feels like I’m going to face the GOD though..but i keep it cool. Standing near the door, waiting for my name to be called,waiting with bated breath…I’m out of my mind.. all the info that I’ve paste inside my brain, all vanished..can’t think anymore.. just go with it..hoping for god to help at the last minute, at least, calmness.. once got the form,got the confidence straight away..sudden!! thank god! but still I’m doing  it with rush..huh..nervous sign, no denial. 10 minutes was a disaster moment for me though….I’m just go with it. as time goes by..the moment I’ve finished..I’m relieved.. but!! i think i got some mistakes! oh!..just hoping that i pass this task..ugh.. go out from the room straight away open my lappy and TUMBLR!!..eh he..let all my expression out!..bottom line I’m doomed by the day after tomorrow, results coming out..huh! finger cross!


I’m laying..laying on the bed….thought about my beloved family, staying and staring me from a far far away..thinking of my circumstances, my life without them is just a sad state of affair..so depressed.. i love the much, care them much, as i lay-ed..thought about them, my tears coming down my face.. can’t barely deal with it..I’m not ashamed putting this down on a white blank screen and let everybody read it, because i know nothing to be embarrassed with..I’m a human, with a feeling… my mind can’t stop thinking how they’re will be..are they health enough?? are they happy?? do they have eaten?? oh god..please take care of them when I’m gone someday, when I’m left, when I’m not with them…they are my one and only lovable, caring, and all the beautiful inside of them are just makes me feel secure, and be there for me in a harsh time…it’s like a blanket covers me at cold midnight.. how grateful i am to have them as my family..I’m so lucky! every tears coming from my eyes is a one drop of their love for me..won’t let it out from my eyes, but i just can’t. it’s overwhelm though…I’m hopeless, when we’re having a good time together.. playing together, and jokes all around..it’s all coming back to me.. and I’m started to feel so down to earth..giving all out, all the sadness, missing them so much..all the laugh we shared together as a one big happy family ever..is just so priceless, nothing can compared my love to them.. it’s like more than a million of stars…….heart beating, crying like a candy taken from a boy.. that’s me, so sensitive, so dramatic..no ignorance…hoping for coming back.. yea i will be, and i promised by the moment that i wanted it to happen, there will be no more tears only a happy family gathering together having their love to be shared and be loved and cure all the love wounds..and im happy with that..it’s a poor heart that never rejoices..with love…your son and your brother..

Love in a first blind sight.

I’m here sitting on a bench, thinking about my love matter, my personal life, my surrounding,..every thing’s fake, nothings real..the only real to me is my family.. my friends who really understands me a lot..knowing one girl, which is pretty much innocent and kind hearted figure at the first sight..thought she’s the one… but she’s not….it’s come from the words “hypocrite” when i think back with all the circumstances that’s happening to me now..uhhh!! so pathetic..she’s like a plate with a two surface though.so annoyed!i knew about her truth colour a few hours ago from her ex-! he told me everything that she had told him..she even wrote a bad things to me on her blog,once i read it..i was like..omg!! what the h***.. she is truly a bitch, a witch..ughh.. talking behind my back..how coward, and she’s also even a liar..I’ve never found a girl like this in my whole life, she’s one and only a witch! did she think she’s hot? just because you are pretty enough? and got all the boys attention? uh! please..I’ve met much kind and beautiful girl than you are.. so stop being a queen.well you’re not as a matter of fact you’re a sucker though.. as far as i know..all the girl that I’ve met..all a pretty good for me, treated me as a friends should be, but this “maniac” just don’t even realized who the hell she is..i think i should give her a huge mirror to her, so let her know how bad she is..uh!..but what can i do..nothing.. just like my pets brother said.. just let her go..leave it.. it’s not worth it to be loved and loving a person like her.. so irrational…huhuu..I’ve been thinking a long time period that  i should be holding to my own quotes, “no commitment” to anybody..but when the time i should break the quotes, hope she’s the one for me, the one can accept me the way i am, the way i brought myself, the way i connect with, and be kind,honest and care in our relationship..not only myself, but involving all the person around me though.. the important persons in my life.. my old folks especially, and my siblings.. but for now..no love issues coming out from my mouth..I’m trying to keep it real though.. just be prayed to god..let her be, like i care about her at all..she’s nothing to me now, not even a friends..even friends don’t do such those embarrassing things to their friends..hope she will realized what she’s have done. god is fair though. i know there must be someone for me outside there..like everyone saying “we’re only plan what we should do in our life, but god, who the one decided what’s the best for us”im stay with that quotes.The consequences, I’m betrayed, manipulated.. and have been used up to certain matter..I’m like a clown to her.. make fun of me.. but patience is always my word light though..now, I’m cool enough that I’ve been paste down all the word that comes in my mind..hope a new day will cheer me up. I’m hoping for you GOD..please help me in anyway, to go through all my harsh life.. either good or bad, happy or sad, rich or poor….i know you’ll be there for me.. and im thankful enough that there’s still a person that care me much, love me and trusted me the way i trusted them…they are my family and friends, brothers and sisters..not really hoping for a truly love..because………… LOVE is blind..           

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Afgan (FSmusik.Net)
Cinta Dua Hati (Ost Cinta Dua Hati) FSmusik.Net

My Idol..Musics linked to my heart and my soul.

Afgan Syah Reza is a newcomer to the world of Indonesian music. Its presence is marked by his debut album CONFESSION NO.1 in January 2008.

The album produced by Want to B Production and distributed by PT Sony-BMG was composed of 13 songs. Where’s flagship song as the song Thank You Love, Mandy and the deadline without her music video starring the director Thalita Latief Jose Purnomo.

With color-influenced pop music, soul, R & B and jazz, this album involve famous musicians, such as Dawn LMN, Harry Budiman (producer Ladder), Deddy Dhukun, Dian HP and Bebi Romeo as a composer.

Afgan itself is the second child of four children and partner Lola Loyd Yahya Purnama. Born in Jakarta, May 27, 1989, he was great in the family of music lovers, who then opened the opportunity to develop her career.

Afgan solo career is marked by the rise achieved achievement in music belantika Indonesia. In the event Anugerah Musik Indonesia 2009, Afghan singer awarded Best Male Solo through the song Thank You Love.

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Success on the album, making Afgan wanted to give the best on his second album. His second album will be released in August 2009. Afgan here will carry the music in the 60’s.

Afgan achievements in the field of attraction not only sound echoing in the country. But also to the country Jiran, Malaysia. He entered into the nomination arena Planet Muzik Anugerah 2009.

Entering the month of Ramadan 2009, Afgan religi released the single titled Search your way.

Loved by many fans, especially fans of girls, making Rossa had a chance to be a star Pond’s ads in the ad, he also sang the song You’re My World Switch. In addition to Pond’s, his face also appeared in several advertisements, such as Ardilles, Panadol Cold & Flu, Honda, IM3 Indosat, and Andec Boneeto.

Lagu Ada Cinta-known not only domestically but also to the country Jiran, Malaysia. Unfortunately this track was hijacked in the country. Meanwhile, the record label was trying to follow up this case. If there is no way out, record labels would sue the operator of Malaysia, Maxis of U.S. $ 10 million.

Not only to his world of drag votes, but the Afghan was also expanded in the world of acting. Debut as a cameo in the film is NOT ORDINARY LOVE (May 2009). In this film, he also brought the soundtrack song Just Go.

At the end of 2009, he also appeared in the movie LOVE HEART 2. Except this time the portion acting much more subtle Afgan, because he appears as a main actor with Olivia Jensen Lubis. He also sang the soundtrack didapuk it, Love Two Hearts.

Not only a career in the entertainment world, now Rossa began exploring the world of business. And brought the brand Underneeth the Hood, one Afghan designer from Germany took to produce t-shirts with the teenager market. What makes different, t-shirts, produced using religious and social themes.

My dearest friend.

Oh god.. how come this kind of circumstances have to be confront by my best friend..

I’m sooo damned sympathy to her..she’s like my sister, my listener, my adviser… she’s my tears… I’m trying not to cry..won’t let her go from me..I’m here for her..

we are here for her..support her in anyway..she need more oxygen than i am..

why do god want to take away from her??

mother aren’t supposed to leaved their son or daughter.. we need our dearest folks..

no body can replaced them, no body can act like them, no body can care us the way they do… mother is only a single words describes only HER.. not more, not less..

she’s everything..she’s the sun in our life..seed in our life..our heart..our air… she’s the one who guide us..walk, talk, n everything..she thought us..

all those things are memorable..priceless…more than a bunch of gold..

afraid of loosening… afraid of to be abandoned…

dear my god… did you care to my lovable friend?? did you know that she love her mother a lot?? HER the only she have..the only her own..the only she have as best friends..as a mother..as a listener..person who swipe our tears away… the one who gave us air to breath,gave us food to feed, gave us a strength to climb all the mountains..faced the heavy rain… she always be there for us..

she’s our hero…

our savour..

our idol..

our blood…

we came to this world….crying n yelling..the moment we came out.. are the most  overwhealming feeling…



god tell me….how is she??

how supposed my dearest friends face all this??

who gonna be there once she go home??

who gonna sit besides her when the dinner time’s calling??

I’m out of my mind thinking about her…

hope she will be fine…


fine… she will… I’m holding to that words…won’t let nobody grab that from me…

she’s the one…my dearest friends….Lakesha…

Rated R features a darker and foreboding tone than Rihanna’s previous work.Primarily an R&B and pop-oriented album, it also incorporates musical elements of hip hop, rock, and dancehall.The album’s production is typified by a sleek sound and incorporates ominous synthesizers, intertwining guitar licks, tense beats, minor-key melodies, and polyrhythmic vocal harmonies.Songs such as “Madhouse”, “G4L”, and “Wait Your Turn” incorporate elements of dubstep, including brooding synths and grumbling basslines.[Rihanna discussed its musical direction in an interview for Glamour magazine, stating “The songs are really personal. It’s rock ‘n’ roll, but it’s really hip-hop: If Lil’ Wayne and Kings of Leon like my album, then I’ll feel good”.On Rated R's musical style, music journalist Jim DeRogatis perceived that it only incorporates elements of rock, writing “Though there’s nothing inherently rock ‘n’ roll or ‘super-fearless’ about lacing slick, synthesized dance-pop grooves with a little electric guitar, some of it courtesy of Slash, a quarter of a century after ‘Thriller’, there is a more insistent punch and electrifying energy in the 13 grooves on ‘Rated R’”.The lyrical content of Rated R features generally bleak views on love and boastful lyrics concerning perseverance and overcoming adversity.The album’s lyrics are characterized by grim, raw and angry tones,and songs that contain boastful and persevering themes are characterized by images of violence and brutality.Its lyrics are also distinguished by prominent profanity.While several music writers perceived its lyrics as allusions to Rihanna’s assault by Chris Brown,journalist Jon Pareles wrote that the album “doesn’t specifically address those events, but it hardly ignores them”. According to music writer Ann Powers, regret is a significant theme on the album: “The songs on ‘Rated R’ never have their singer apologize for the man who so seriously wronged her, but they do acknowledge the other emotions that come with separation, even from a partner who’s also a perpetrator. Those feelings include regret, tenderness and deep sadness”.

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